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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Ecut 6 has some updates

There are several useful updates in version

The most useful: nesting. Added (as before) the height of the resulting output block. The unused area will be crossed out. You can select best result from list. You can make several attempts and select best version using arrows, nesting will save them all.

Several fixes and features for innovations in pricing. A button was added that allows you to collect data in a single window with multiple files.

Function variables can now generate a specified number of rows, allowing you to add the line automatically if there are not enough.

For existing owners of verison 6, Go to your macromonster account for ecut. Follow instructions in the PDF.
To buy Ecut 6, go here.


Sunday, November 9, 2014

Business Card Mock up - 3D

A user at the forums had an interesting challenge. Here is my result.

Here's how I did it: I used this macro.

 Other examples:


Wednesday, October 1, 2014

rStones 3 Released Today!

After months of work, it's ready! New features, new code, faster results! We're convinced (based on our enthusiastic customers) that this is the most popular rhinestone macro for CorelDRAW. CLICK HERE to Discover rStones 3.

Maybe you already own a previous version? There's a upgrade version available too - check the product page for more details.


Thursday, September 25, 2014

eCut 6 released today!

Many of you know about the amazing power in ecut.
Of special note is the brand-new variable data / variable imaging / Barcode module. It's only available in eCut 6!

Main purpose is to copy template and replace its parts with text, images, QR codes, Bar codes or URLs.

All variable info can be taken from a database. And database can be imported from Excel file.

The Feature is very adaptive, and can accomplish many tasks.

  All main parameters can be found in main window.

Text replacement property

 "Variable" function can replace not only text, it also can replace with text any shape!

Replace shapes with text - activate this feature if you want to replace any shape with text.

Text type - shapes can be replaced with Artistic or Paragraph text.

Align - you can specify how to fit Artistic text.

Page layout

You can specify all margins, orders and cropmarks parameters.

QR code

 "Variable" can generate QR codes. You can create one simple code, or set parameters for automatic generation.


ecut can generate Barcodes. You can create one simple code, or set parameters for automatic generation. It's super fast!

Database editor

Top buttons

Add column - add one column to database
Edit column - rename selected column
Delete column - delete selected column
Delete row - delete selected row
Open image file - Open and assign image to cell.


Open database - "Variable" supports CSV and TXT files with TAB delimited.
Save database - save database in TXT format

Column type

You can set type of selected column. In this case all shapes that assigned with this column will be replaced with selected type.

Cell numbers generator

You can use this generator to make simple procedures. It can create strings with prefix, number and suffix.

Replace text

Another simple feature for text replacement in all database.

How it works

So, how to buy? Go here:
eCut 6 for CorelDRAW - 1 installation
eCut 6 for CorelDRAW - 4 installations
eCut 6 upgrade This item is ONLY for users who already bought Ecut 5 or earlier versions from before Sept. 1/2014.) We check every past sale before releasing upgrade codes.

If you have unused codes from previous purchases (such as four-pack), you can get version 6 for free.


Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Alexander Penkin's Effects for Cut updated

Version 1.5 of this macro has a new feature: Zig-Zag on outline.


Thursday, June 5, 2014

Shelby's Sharpen Nodes Macro Released

This awesome macro allows you to quickly create accurate points based on the location of 2 nodes. Select 2 nodes, and run the macro. Enjoy your accurately extended sharp point!

Compatible with CorelDraw X5, X6, X7. More info - including a video - here.


Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Jeff's Curvelength macro updated for CorelDRAW X4 thru X7

This macro will reveal the length of a single selected curve. You can choose either inches or centimeters. If the curve has subpaths, they will be included in the total measurement.

More info here:


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