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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Alexander Penkin's Axonometric 3 Updated

It now works with CorelDRAW X7. More info here.


Friday, April 18, 2014

Alexander Penkin's NeonTool 7 Updated

It now supports CorelDRAW X7.0 (or 32 or 64 bit).

Latest version of this macro: 7.1.5.


Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Macromonster Bitmap Manipulator Updated

Version 1.3 of Macromonster Bitmap Manipulator can now search inside of Tables. Tables were added in CorelDRAW X4. In any case, notice the options this macro has! Tons of power and flexibility. It was also updated recently for CorelDRAW X6 - 64 bit!


Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Several of James Leonard's products updated


New Features of Artwork Optimizer

  • Inside Before Outside Benefits
Artwork Optimizer can now sequence inside before outside. What this means is that if a shape is inside another shape (is an Island) then the Optimizer can sequence the inside shape before the container. This is essential in CNC cutting so the outside shape does not become loose and cause the inside shape to be cut incorrectly. Laser cutters can also benefit from this process.
  • Drawing Converted to Curves and Ready to Cut
Artwork Optimizer produces an optimized drawing that has all the text and combined shapes broken apart and converted to curves. This is a new drawing that is fully cut ready. The original drawing is not modified.

Artwork Optimizer Standard Edition 1.3 has the following fixes and changes:

  • Support for inside-before-outside sequencing has been added for shapes that have islands inside their main outlines.
  • It has a new licensing system and installer that bundles all the files needed for all supported versions of CorelDRAW into a single installer.
  • The new licensing system requires the use of ID and License files. Cut-and-paste is no longer supported.
  • This version allows multiple users with different user accounts on the same computer.
  • Fixed a bug in the licensing system that prevented using maximum length computer names. Added support for Home and Student X6 installations
  • Added support for Technical Suite X6 installations
32-Bit version  OR  the 64-Bit Version

DXFTool Professional 1.5 has the following fixes and changes:

  • Support for multiple user accounts with the same license
  • Single folder install for all versions
  • Single installer for all versions
  • Added support for Home and Student X6
  • Added support for Technical Suite X6
32-Bit version  OR  the 64-Bit Version

DXFTool Standard 1.11 has the following fixes and changes:

  • Support for multiple user accounts with the same license
  • Single folder install for all versions
  • Single installer for all versions
  • Added support for Home and Student X6
  • Added support for Technical Suite X6
32-Bit version  OR  the 64-Bit Version

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Monday, March 17, 2014

Alexander Penkin's VariablesTool 2 update to version 2.1.5

After some feedback from our customers, we added 2 powerful new features. The symbols option can reduce file size dramatically if you have many repeating elements. The QR function to convert to bitmap generates the code at a very high resolution, and yet preserves stability inside CorelDRAW. QR code generation as bitmaps is about 3 times faster than as vectors.(visit my blog site to see animation if needed)

Link to Alexander Penkin's VariablesTool 2 is here.


Sunday, March 16, 2014

Mike's Bitmap Perspective macro released

We recently released Shelby's bitmap perspective macro, and it's now been replaced by Mike's Bitmap Perspective macro. There are some advantages:
  1. Photo-Paint isn't necessary now. So it's quite fast to get to the result.
  2. The macro can convert mixed items (such as a bitmaps and other vector shapes) to a single bitmap for you first before warping (at the resolution you choose).
Customers for Shelby's should be able to download Mike's version through your account for free. Watch a video about it: (best to watch on youtube in HD)


Thursday, February 20, 2014

Variable Imaging

Direct mail that introduces visual detail as part of the campaign has been proven to be much more effective than text alone. It's something like a 12% success rate, vs. 1% for traditional direct mail.

Recently, I got a letter from Air Miles, a loyalty card program, and a 3 things caught my eye.

First, the cover of the piece. It had some info for me - in color: Not too unusual, as CorelDRAW can do stuff like this already through regular print merging.

The next part had a photo of the branch Manager in my area, and a greeting from him. This would be data that would change - on the fly - during the print run. It would be based possibly on which store I frequent based on purchase history, or by postal code of the store relative to where I live. (I didn't include a copy for this blog post.)

The next component was the most interesting to me: The food store keeps track of my favorite purchases. Custom coupons - with photos of those highly specific products - were tailor-made to my personal inclinations.

So... they "got me". I tend to buy these things ongoing anyway, but the "deal" was something I couldn't resist. Some people are nervous about what data is held about them by businesses. I personally don't mind - if it leads to me getting coming out ahead somehow.


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